For frequent professional use: The Lithium Battery ACP pump kit is well calibrated for brushing and delivers enough for spraying render and roofs. It will also spray Metaclear up the 6.5m pole.

For both gels and liquids the box weighs 8Kg and is easily moved on site.

Li-Ion battery 16 Amp/h: Enough for a day’s work. Diaphragm pump & analogue controller for ease of use.

Performance when connected to a dosing unit a length of hose and a pole.

Bar L/Mn Speed
Pencil jet bore 25 2 5.8 full
Tip fan 40o angle bore 20 2.3 5.5 full
Tip fan 40o angle bore 13 3.9 5.3 full
Tip fan 40o angle bore 08 4.2 3.2 3

Working on roofs all seasons can necessitate adjusting the flow rate and pressure in order to obtain coarse faster droplets. This will limit spray drift.

The normal equipment would consist of the injection box and pole when using the local water supply. A booster pump will be necessary from time to time either to draw from a tank or to boost a low pressure mains supply.

The ACP biocide is sometimes brushed into the surface: A spray brush is the most ergonomic method to apply and agitate at the same time. The pole should be as stiff as possible fitted high flow: 8 mm ID for the tubing without restrictions.

High pressure machines can be fitted with a 5 bar by-pass and used as a low pressure pump together with low pressure hoses etc.