Applying the products

Applying the products

The biocide used for the ACP comes in two concentrations. Small or intermittent use in general public will be best served with the 10% concentration whilst professional use will require the higher concentration. The dilution tables on this site are all based on the 40% product.

Site safety

Rated hose connectors and face / skin protection are essential safety items in all circumstances. Procedures for risk assessment are well established and accidents very rare. When it happens it is generally a splash of solution when disconnecting a hose after closing the mains tap and put the goggles away but without releasing the pressure stored in the hose reel. Beware of tiredness.

For intermittent use the general public grade is diluted and sprayed onto the surface with a garden sprayer. In many minor ground applications a watering can and a fine rose is just right.

Equipment needed for a domestic application of the ACP biocide mix.

Visor with deep sides and chin guard for spraying safety.



For frequent professional use: The Lithium Battery ACP pump kit is well calibrated for brushing and delivers enough for spraying render and roofs. It will also spray Metaclear up the 6.5m pole.

Further Information

The ACP dosing unit

Dosing unit calibrated for the range of concentrations in use with the ACP biocide. The unit consists in the circuitry affixed to a rigid board, itself sliding in an enclosure. Average water pressure is sufficient to obtain a good fan spray. If not or if the work is at height connect a booster pump to the water inlet.

Further Information

The ACP high flow pole

Set of 5 stainless steel spray tips : Pencil jet, 4 No 40o fan jets sizes 20, 13, 08 for liquids and 03 for Metaclear.

Further Information