Pathways, resin bound rubber
or aggregates & brick paving

Pathways, resin bound rubber or aggregates & brick paving

The ACP biocide is diluted 1:40 and sprayed at a rate varying between 4 to 5 m² per litre of mix. The precise application rate will depend on the presence of gaps to be flooded and the porosity of the substrate. Resin bound aggregates and MUGA flooring rely on a good drainage through the network of crevices below. A periodical flooding of the drainage network will help in keeping it free flowing.

Children play areas: Toxocara canis or dog roundworm : Iodine is the only disinfectant with efficacy on the eggs of this dog parasite capable of infecting humans.

Moss: As with sports surfaces remnants of thallus or small moss balls can remain after brushing. They will die and wither if the treatment is applied when thoroughly dry.

Children Play Area - Before CleaningChildren Play Area - After Cleaning using ACP biocide

South East SoftWash,Kilkenny

Children Play Area Cleaning

South East SoftWash,Kilkenny

Pathway Cleaning using Algoclear Cleaning Process

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