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Professional Maintenance

Professional ground maintenance

The AlgoClear® Pro is is usually chosen for professional use. The product is 4 times more concentrated than the regular product. The professional grade is not sold over internet. To place an order please call TVSP on 01628 687 022 or leave a message.

Preparation: It is wise to apply AlgoClear® Pro over a surface free from moss lumps and debris. The chemical inhibits itself in contact with biomass. It is therefore sensible to reduce it before treatment.

It is sometimes argued that brushing live moss spreads the spores. See Moss and Lichen for more information.

Application by Spray: The rate vary with the amount of contamination to treat from 4m2 / litre to 6m2 / litre. The concentration also varies: 1 part of AlgoClear® Pro to 50 parts of water in warm weather, 1 to 40 in cooler weather. Some other considerations may lead to a slight increase in concentration such as a shady site, damp environment etc.

Frequency: Generally twice a year. Sites in the vicinity of trees may require more frequent attention.

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