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Tennis Courts - Private Maintenance

Whilst professional maintenance is periodically necessary on tennis courts, the day to day is often vested with the owner. The work consists mainly in keeping the surface free from leaves and natural contamination.

When do I use AlgoClear®? The surface should be treated when algae/or small moss appears in interstices. This is normally after a wet spell. There is no fixed treatment period. Not all the court may need treatment, the borders and shady areas may need more frequent treatment than the centre of the court.

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How do I use AlgoClear®? If the moss has been allowed to grow, it is preferable to scrape it firstand obtain a surface with as little biomass as practical. This done, a spray, or an application with a watering can (fine rose) is usually sufficient.

Watering cans dispense invariably more than a garden sprayer. The concentration of the mix can be decreased as the amount dispensed increases. Each operator will need to experiment a little to find the right balance.

10 litres of AlgoClear® will be enough for an application in clement weather conditions.

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