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AlgoClear® refreshes surfaces by removing the black and green discolourations from biological origin.

The procedure is: Dilute AlgoClear® in a watering can or garden sprayer at a ratio between 1 to 10 to 1 to 14 according to the task at hand. Wet the surface sufficiently to flood the gaps or interstices. Within a few hours the work is done. Algae and spores are now killed. The weather will cleanse the surfaces.

For black dots in sandstone, double the concentration and leave. The incrustations, no longer replenished will breakdown, in part from UV light. In sunny areas, they should disappear within 2 or 3 months. In shady areas, a bristle brush and plenty of clear water will wash them away a few weeks after the treatment.

Keep pets away until dry.

garden patio beforegarden patio after

Black dots on Indian Sandstone: Some lichen are so deeply ingrained that power washing does not affect them: AlgoClear® will kill the offending growth. Three weeks after a wet brushing with bristle brush is likely to remove them.

british library patio beforebritish library patio after

Paving blocks: A periodical application of AlgoClear® will alleviate the need for heavier maintenance and the use of high pressure jetting. AlgoClear® is surfactant (soap) and can be used as such for the removal of greasy marks. A weak mix is sometimes used to feed a rotary surface cleaner. Doing so cleanses deeper than when using fresh water or a proprietary soap.

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