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Treatment with AlgoClear® does not immunize the substrate from further contamination. However, the spores and algae dwelling in the porosity of the substrate, crevices or laps are killed. The reproductive cycle being interrupted, the re-contamination will be from new airborne agents, or carried with incoming water seeping over contaminated areas. As a result, the durability of the cleaning work is significantly enhanced with the treatment with AlgoClear®.

Generally, biological life appears on a surface according to it's exposure to the sun or shade, and it's ability to provide moistures: Laps, porosity, surface texture etc. A rapid breakdown of the active substance in AlgoClear® - the mechanism of it's environmental acceptability - results in the absence of latent effects.

To our knowledge no biocide on the market has the ability to immunise the substrate it is applied on for any length of time. Resins can be applied with varied success.

A new application of the treatment is not due before the contamination returns.

Mosses and lichen grow relatively slowly. As a result, additional treatment may not be required for several years.

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