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timber decking timber decking timber decking

All exposed timber, including vertical cladding, is eligible for algae/black mould contamination. After an initial period of exposure, the natural cellulose binders degrade and wash away. The surface becomes grey when bare cellulose needles are exposed. This surface becomes a natural habitat for algae and moulds, generally deleterious to the material. Wood stains obscure wood veins as new coats are added and are as a result only partly successful at maintaining the intended appearance of timber cladding. Periodical use of AlgoClear® will preserve the timber as well as it's appearance.

Oak Cladding colonised by a Black Mould oak cladding black lichen

The only realistic way to maintain the grey colour of a natural wood surface is to use a biocidal wash as and when the discolourations appear. It is also a good approach to wood preservation. AlgoClear® will perform this without damage to the environment.

Timber Decking timber decking

Warning: If the decking has been allowed to become too slippery, a brushing will be necessary prior to spraying. AlgoClear® will, however, be sufficient to maintain a safe surface.


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