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AlgoClear® is a powerful antiseptic cleaner for all external surfaces

AlgoClear® is a concentrated higher purity quaternary ammonium

AlgoClear Container

It's natural properties - detergent and biocide - are an ideal combination for cleaning an ingrained biofilm on hard surfaces, around the house. This includes timber decking, cladding or fencing, stonework, all paving materials, clear sheets etc.

Algoclear® is the general public version of Algoclear® Pro. It is capped at 9.6% concentration of active ingredient.

Algoclear® Pro is  higher in concentration and suitable for professional use. It can be purchased directly from Thames Valley Specialist Products Ltd.

Deliveries to Northern Ireland

For deliveries in Northern Ireland contact Cropcare:
Cropcare Ltd, Willowgrove, Delgany, A63 XC97, Co. Wicklow, ROI.
Tel: +353 1 2874485
Technical Sales: John Killoran +353 86 222 55 43



Algoclear® will de-activate in contact with biomass: It is the mechanism of it's environmental acceptability. Consequently, a predictable result is achieved by removing the bulk of the biomass present at the surface prior to the treatment. Moss should be scraped off within practical limits and debris ideally blown away.
After reading the label, dilute and apply to saturation for best results. The dilution rate is set between 1 part of Algoclear to 10 or 12 parts of water. However, as the water evaporates, the surface concentration increases. A more diluted mix applied with a higher flow apparatus ( watering can ) will broadly give the same result as a 1/10 concentration applied at a leaner rate using a pump sprayer.

Key Features

  • Suitable for use on all external surfaces
  • Requires no rinsing
  • MossGo degrades rapidly, leaving no long-lasting environmental footprint
  • For ease of application, MossGo can be used as a spray, used with a watering can or as an additive in water pressure washing

AlgoClear® is a friendly to use moss treatment and is Health & Safety Executive (HSE) accredited for use by both amateurs and professionals for moss treatment. While AlgoClear® doesn’t immunise the affected area from any future moss or lichen contamination, it does ensure that all spores and algae hiding deep within the crevices and laps of a given surface are killed, making it the best moss killer currently available on the market.

An effective moss and lichen treatment, further AlgoClear® treatment isn’t required until the contamination returns – which could be years, due to the slow growth of moss and algae. Because AlgoClear®’s active substance has the ability to quickly break down shortly after application, it makes sure that no environments conducive to the quick re-emergence of biological life remain.

Remove black incrustations on sandstone: Black dots can disfigure stone paving. They are impossible to remove by conventional means, and sharp power jetting will damage the stone without solving the problem. TVSP, and it"s partners have devised a way to cure the problem. The method consists in killing the organism (a lichen) and wait until it has withered sufficiently to be brushed off. The time between the 2 tasks is a few weeks.

A test was carried out by a biologist, and data can be viewed and downloaded here.


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